Bevans Branham

Bevans Branham and Lorie BranhamLorie and Bevans Branham are recognized for excellence, as promoters, producers and developers of award winning highly successful businesses celebrated for excellence – critically, financially and culturally. This background allowed them to later flourish in the world of non-profits and humanitarian endeavors.

Bevans Branham, and his lovely wife Lorie Branham have always endeavored to make the world a better place.  This led to their involvement in humanitarian and the not-for-profit sector. They have been active in numerous nonprofit enterprises and foundations, and later developed their own foundation. All the entities enjoyed and shared an affiliation and common focus concerned with facilitating the positive transformation of leadership and society as a whole, nationally and globally – the life enhancement of humankind.

The Journey

Bevans began to see the positive difference the giving of time, talent and treasure provides through the example of his grandparents, Vernon and Irene Beals. As Bevans enjoyed much early success in his business career, an early retirement at 29 years led to a world-wide party he barely survived. In the fall of 1982, at 31 years of age, Bevans began to wake up to the spiritual dynamic of living. He began a journey of sobriety and recovery in Boulder and Aspen, Colorado, that continues to this day, as he celebrates 30 years clean and sober this Halloween. He also celebrates 41 years with his amazing wife, Lorie on the same day – mute testimony to the old life and the new. They have both found the great gifts of life are most richly enjoyed when “it” is shared with others or given away, be it time, talent or treasure.

Bevans, soon after entering this spiritual, second season of life, had the rich opportunity to serve at the young age of 32, on the board of the United Way in Denver, Colorado. This experience opened a new perspective on the many possibilities and beauty provided in the not for profit sector. Bevans was honored to share this new perspective and his experience, strength and hope at a first ever joint address to all four campuses of the University of Colorado, School of Business in 1987.

A season of success, depth and richness followed for them in all areas of their life, raising a young family and launching successful businesses – a time of great blessing, personally and professionally, spiritually and materially. It also led them to believe the answers to most of the deeper issues of life are, at their core, spiritual. We are all tripartite beings – body, mind & spirit. While much time is spent on our minds with education and our bodies with athletics and recreation, the spiritual strengthening is often lacking. They discovered whenever they gave “it” away, they became filled up with new. Hence, they came to embrace the all important principle of spiritual reciprocity. Bevans and Lorie subsequently sought to devote their lives to helping others discover these simple truths. The fundamental principle in the spiritual program of recovery in which they are involved is, you’ve got to give it away to keep  it and to do it whenever possible with humility and anonymity – finding the fun of giving without getting caught.

In the late 80’s, Bevans began attending the seminary. Beginning at Fuller Seminary in southern California, then Denver Seminary in Denver, where he was discipled by Bob Beltz, founding pastor of the groundbreaking Cherry Hills Community Church. Later he attended Golden Gate Seminary in San Francisco, the original site proposed for the League of Nations.

Stage Two

It was at this time, Bevans Branham had an important decision to make. Either to proceed into formal ministry or move toward more involvement in the many other avenues for helping people available in the not-for-profit sector. After much prayer and considered counsel, he chose the latter, in no small part because of the increased latitude for innovative entrepreneurism. Although involved in many works for “down and outers”, they became convinced that an outreach to “up and outers”, those in a position of leadership and power, could pay significant dividends, for when the heart of a leader is changed, thousands of lives, sometimes tens of thousands of lives, are changed. Hence, their involvement with The Fellowship and the President’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, which involves 3000 leaders from around the world and 150 countries. Bevans was involved in the early formation of The Trinity Forum, with Al McDonald and Os Guinness, designed as a roving academy without walls to help leaders process issues of our time within a context of faith. Later, Bevans Branham and Lorie enjoyed early and ongoing involvement with Bob Buford, and The Foundation, empowering and facilitating highly successful young leaders to initiate and facilitate a more meaningful life journey – one from “success to significance”.

Through their own foundation, The Nevada Fellowship Foundation, Bevans came alongside leadership, usually within the development, hospitality, entertainment and investment banking business where he was well connected and respected. These were leaders who had chased the American dream, gotten it and found it somehow lacking or empty. Bevans helped them discover the spiritual dynamic of living, connecting them with God and others to turn the tough corners of life. Through workshops and seminars, in conjunction with The Aspen Institute centering on the “bridge of life” and the associated pivotal transition time, they facilitated a reassessment, rededication and reapplication of their time, talent and treasure to a next season of life with deeper meaning, purpose and generativity, furthering the journey of “success to significance”.

Further involvement with Bob Buford and The Faithworks initiative focused on mating entrepreneurs of excellence and people with a heart for making a difference and contribution, a philanthropy project which involved not just a checkbook but time and talent, too.

Throughout this decade, Bevans and Lorie enjoyed involvement with Young Life, a Christ-centered outreach to young people in which they saw their own kids flourish and later grow to become leaders and help other children and their families experience similar abundance.

Bevans also served as a boardmember for Southwest Community Church helping evolve and fund their $18M expansion and new campus in Indian Wells, CA.

Stage Three

Bevans and Lorie continue in their daily dedication to the creation and development of highly innovative select projects and initiatives in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, concerned primarily with personal well being and life enhancement in an extreme society. They remain committed to persevering, celebrating and exploring an ever-expanding life journey, from success to significance – embracing the reality of the possibilities of what is, and can be, for us all.