Helping Save the World with Environmental Non-Profits

Bevans Branham on Environmental NonprofitsIf you’re going to help the world, you deserve to be happy when doing it. It’s not what you’ll always get, but you do deserve it. If you’re not happy about the non-profit work environment you’re in or the non-profit work you do, you don’t have to continue working there. Believe it or not, there are many alternative organizations where your work can feel more fulfilling. Here are some great organizations to work for:


(Red), headquartered in New York, is trying to give birth to the first aids-free generation by 2015.

Employees love working for the company because it’s partnered with countless iconic brands (like Apple, Coca Cola and Converse), whose priceless marketing advice has allowed (Red) to raise money and awareness for the Global Fund. It’s a company where charity and creativity has intertwined.


Charity:water, headquartered in New York, is trying to bring clean drinking water to people in need.

Everyday, employees are able to see the people they help. The offices are decorated with photos of the peoples whose lives the organization is changing. So every employee knows they’re making a difference.


Kiva, headquartered in San Franciso, is trying to provide microloans to the world’s poorest people so they could go to school, develop businesses based on a product or service, and do anything that would help their local economies grows.

The company provides free massages, yoga, snacks and a monthly recess for its employees. The culture of having fun and caring for each other creates a positive environment that many discouraged people working for non-profits need to keep working.

When running a non-profit, the cause will not be enough to keep workers happy. Those workers are humans; they want to be creative, they want reassurance that their work has value and they want to have fun. If being in a non-profit gave people a better sense of value, maybe more smart and motivated people would work for them.